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2010 EP

by Serene Dark

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Behold, the ravages of age. The scorns of a thousand years forgotten.Entombed in my despair; with hate to fuel my soul. This icy palace is my temple. Oh but the moonlight doth rest its soft glow upon my windowpane And from my throne I turn a cold and weary gaze. Beset by the darkest of death's spirits, I am cloaked by shadows. I heartell of angel and succubi; and disregard all. My black sorcery is beyond the reach of your brood. Devouring souls. From my frosty throne I am the overseer of this world. Crying orders to my legions of war To snuff the righteous flame. Torn apart in to black sea of sorrows, Four thousand fathoms below. A heart forged of frost and the contemplative mind. Searching the cosmos for to seek an escape. From untimely mortal doom, I am above you all. How harshly the sights and sounds of this realm Do assault my failing senses. Lifted to dimensions of innocence To weep for those invested in the physical. Walking among the gardens of Elrotha. Wading in waters of uncomparable beauty To sleep, to stay, in this place Never to return to the illusion. Let the rain wash my tired eyes What dreams may hold, I can never deny. Eyes to the sky, against the cold, against the real, I'll never return,To this hell
A fucking slaughterhouse with bodies on the killing floor Sadistic blasphemy and butchery; I am the harvest lord. Withered corpses, deprived of every dignity. Emotionally destroyed; robbed of all extremities. In their final moments of life, I will defile their gods. In assurance that when the final breath has passed their lips They will walk alone among the damned in bleak eternity. I am alone in insane paranoia of every person, Trapped like a dog in a cage. Lashed and starved Burying bones in the dirt. May all that you love perish in agony. Enthroned in an infinite darkness, And led to humanity's doom. Pulverizing your facial features to fucking dust and paste My knuckles ripping through my skin in success of the cleansing. I am alone among the enslaved and lobotomized. A king among empty shells of what used to be. Sorting the waste in the sawmill, Sinew and entrails askew in the blades. Leaving the waste for the vermin, Keeping prime cuts for my sons and my daughters. Blood stains the autumn leaves of these acres My unknowing offspring gather for the giving of thanks. I am the harvest lord. Now tell tales of my monstrosity. Scrawl my unholiness upon every wall. Let Hell's tenants be chilled by my darkness And by pure will, beckon Heaven's fall. From flesh to feed, you live on
This mournful winter sings our song endlessly Of a time when we ran beneath a sun of gold Tread softly upon the dust from our enemy's bones Scarce were words of sorrow, for none did we know In my arms the envy of Venus lay, for whom I slain Trepidation and woe, and blessed the eyes which gave repose To the flesh which held the untold Now I search for her breath, her body buried beneath the snow I will bring forth untold suffering to the evil ones With wrath and the strength of a god Before I lay to rest within the crypt Entombed with my beloved Their screams will echo throughout the land And the their blood will rain unto the earth For this injustice, this crime upon my name For their greed they will be transformed Into beings of woe and torment This oath in blood to seek out and obliterate, eradicate, And crush with bare hands If my light cannot rest upon me, Then I shall rest upon a throne of their skulls A fury to choke out the sun and every last one Who defies me in my path of vengeance The insurmountable distance laughs, Like jackals to my soul In an instant, I would cross the bridge, and burn To rest and hear the beating 'neath thy tender breast, Ebb and cease time unwillingly bequeathed Remaining for eternity
The sun descends, the priest makes haste and seals the doors. The cracks of stone, the moon gives womb to evil flight. The wizard laughs, he cackles at the shackles forged to hold down the beasts. The spell takes shape; a leather wing beats at the fog. Once upon a pact of men, the council sealed his fate. Banished to the caverns to live out his final days. But fear had gripped their hearts and they set out to cast him down. Held above his cauldron where the deed was wiped and burned. Sworn to vengeance; brought to life, By the moonlight, taking lives. "Thy guardians shall betray you and thy church shall crumble" The gargoyles breathing; fly! dive! Unholy shrieking, the ivory fangs drip with the cost of lies. The soulless monsters deconstruct brick by brick. God’s house gives place to an orgy of the sick. Where the monsters eat the flesh of the clergy and the king. With one foul swipe they behead Jesus, lost amongst their wings. The sworn protectors now a weapon of the devil. Born among the fiery pits of hell to sleep in stone. The inquisition slays. Their steel will crack on the incarnations of evil. Battering the soldiers of GOD. They kill with no remorse, Brought into being to usher the fall of Christ. Send out the call from rooftop to cemetery. The hour is nigh to stain the glass with their righteous blood. The pews are set ablaze Hell recreated in the holy walls. Nature’s justice is done. The vessels of vengeance flee from the sun. They fly, black protectors of night. All they have held dear is taken away. The gaurdians of heaven are freeded from their stone prison To turn on the gate keeper and cast down GOD
Once more the ancient trees call to me "flee the shallow world of man" past winters gate and into the hills, forsake this mortal life and rise before the sun, far from shades of bitter life, I seek transcendence Along the mountain path at oceans end, I dwell in silence Laid upon a lake of black stone My arms and legs pulled into the earth, walking through the darkest flames and watching through the eyes of the sun A thousand drums of war beating like you've never heard I will rise beyond this, I will know the stars, forever bound in Cosmic union, with the land where I know I am king , with open eyes I lay adrift while I am learning to die To escape my hate if for one moment tell the truth of my legacy, the truth, and leave me with naught but my name So I could never be here and thou I never was I know what tears will flow from my slowed breathing but I'm just sleeping and at last i’m about to wake up Like a volcano, like an earthquake, I'm shaken right down to the core, humbled by what I can't know and as my flesh dissolves and the light overtakes me, I must ascend to this higher place, where I will dwell forever living without form, in further galaxies, but I will be living through you, flowing in all that you do, blowing in the air.


Recorded and mixed by: Mike Bond
Oct 2009 - March 2010
Mastered by: Mike Bond
All Music written by: Serene Dark
Lyrics written by: Will Mctavish and Mitch Harvey
CD artwork: Dale Sauve


released June 6, 2010

Dale Sauve - Guitar
Will Mctavish - Guitar / Vocals
Mitch Harvey - Bass
David Sauve - Drums


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SereneDark Ottawa, Ontario

Serene Dark is a Black / Death Metal Band from Canada.

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