Anathema (Remastered)

by Serene Dark

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Previously released as Endemise
Recorded October 2015
Mixed by Dale Sauvé, Mastered by Ken Sorceron
Lyrics Written by Franky Falsetto, Alex Aksentyev & Will Mctavish
All Songs written and recorded by Serene Dark © SOCAN / ASCAP


released October 28, 2016


all rights reserved



SereneDark Ottawa, Ontario

Serene Dark is a Black / Death Metal Band from Canada.

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Track Name: Nocturne (Remastered)
Born of the northern winds, a venom of night obscene flows within me 
My descent into ash, where that lightless void still threatens to consume me 
(Chorus) I have tasted the sulphur dawn, where hope decays with the setting sun
I abide by the whispers of the night, the unfurling of madness, of bliss, of death 
igne natura renovatur integra 
In absentia luci, tenebrae vincunt
Absolved of the sardonic sun, carve your wisdom into my bones, so I may see
through wolven eyes, to embody the threnody of night 
(Chorus) I have tasted the sulphur dawn, where hope decays with the setting sun 
Into the fields of memory, where the light within me died,
let the earth be cleansed in flame under the grieving moon 
In the fractured realms of mind, appears my youth disfigured, drowning in melancholy 
Oh mournful dark I hear your call, your call 
I hear your call 
Your call
Track Name: Anathema (Remastered)
A Choir of serpents resounds within me, I will bear the torment 
of this inner winter, a disgust for all spewing the filth of Jehovah ,
with true clarity I open my eyes anew ,a scorching gnosis of old, found in the 
pulsing of adversarial light
fated in obsidian
A trance abhorrent aligned with beasts, birthed in pride, conjured in ruin ,
there can be no alleviation found amongst the ashes of self, lament and be reborn, cursed 
anathema, crucifixion of my former  , where gods of hope and light lay murdered in heart
Darkness enshroud me , the boy within has died, eroded in despair
Deus Mortuus est! (Latin)
Dieu est mort(French)
Dio e morto (Italian)
God is dead
May wolves devour the sun on tides of life's end, all sanctity impaled on shores of loss
When each breathe breeds failure and each drop of sweat naught , I know now, that path I sought Is lost
Slay now all remnants of self, hopelessly  grasping at dawn , a voice of lunacy ,distant " you've been left here to die"
Awoken  to embers burning in quenchless ire
With serenity broken , released from in me this devils light
Track Name: Blackening (Remastered)
In a state of elevation blackening 
All knowing eyes seeing nothing 
May dogs gnaw at the flesh of fools
I sense this descent once again
Nepenthe, Arcane withering of body
Here dies all peace of mind
Evoking what should never be 
Lulled by false comfort
Lost are all ways back to life 
Tranquillity in dying inward 
Reaching heights of Erebus 
A shroud has lifted in conscious
Nigredo, this blackening of psyche 
Quivering in harrowing of soul
Unearthed within darkest radiance
In self destruction arose meaning 
Lost are all ways back to life

I am in hell , tranquil 
Track Name: Procreator (Remastered)
Behold, the ravages of age
The scorns of a thousand years forgotten
Entombed in my despair; with hate to fuel my soul
This icy palace is my temple
“Oh but the moonlight doth rest its soft glow upon my windowpane”
And from my throne I turn a cold and weary gaze
Beset by the darkest of death's spirits, I am cloaked by shadows 
I hear tell of angel and succubi; and disregard all
My black sorcery is beyond the reach of your brood
Devouring souls
From my frosty throne I am the overseer of this world
Crying orders to my legions of war
To snuff the righteous flame
Torn apart in to black sea of sorrows
Four thousand fathoms below
A heart forged of frost and the contemplative mind
Searching the cosmos for to seek an escape
From untimely mortal doom, I am above you all
How harshly the sights and sounds of this realm
Do assault my failing senses
Lifted to dimensions of innocence
To weep for those invested in the physical
Walking among the gardens of Hera
Wading in waters of incomparable beauty
To sleep, to stay, in this place
Never to return to the illusion
Let the rain wash my tired eyes
What dreams may hold, I can never deny
Track Name: Fragments in Stone (Remastered)
Fragments in Stone
The sun descends the priest makes haste and seals the doors
The cracks of stone the moon gives womb to evil flight,
The wizard laughs, He cackles at the shackles forged to hold down the beasts
The spell takes shape a leather wing beats at the fog 
Once upon a pact of men the council sealed his Fate
Banished to the caverns to live out his final days
But fear had gripped their hearts and they set out to cast him down
Held above his cauldron where the deed was wiped and burned 
Sworn to vengeance brought to life by the moonlight taking lives
Thy guardians shall betray you and thy church shall crumble
The gargoyles breathing fly, dive unholy shrieking
The ivory fangs drip with the cost of lies
The soulless monsters deconstruct brick by brick
Gods house gives place to an orgy of the sick
Where the monsters eat the flesh of the clergy and the king
With one foul swipe they behead Jesus lost among their wings
Their sworn protectors now a weapon of the devil
Born among the fiery pits of hell to sleep in stone
The inquisition slays their steel will crack at the incarnations of evil
Battering the soldiers of God
They kill without remorse, brought into being to usher the fall of Christ 
Send out the call from rooftop to cemetery
The hour is nigh to stain the past with the righteous of blood
The pews are set ablaze, hell recreated in the holy walls
Natures justice is done, the vessels of vengeance flee from the sun
They fly black protectors of night
All they have held dear is taken away
The guardians of heaven
Now freed from their stone prison
To turn on the gate keeper and cast down God 
Track Name: Soma (Remastered)
Flee again from the light
and bury the heart
There is no solace herein
My wings will burn in anguish
Time and time again
The inexorable truth of life
and the burden of its gift
This inner voice sings
So cruelly poisoned by time
For I have lost myself
in this deep subconscious void
there is no remedy for my affliction
A lingering sorrow engrained
A malign essence with
the  inner eye peers  vigilant
"And if you gaze long into an abyss
the abyss also gazes into you"
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Tempus edax rerum
(Time,devourer of all things)
Flee again from the light
I've buried the heart
There is no solace therein
My wings have burned in anguish
Time and time again
The inexorable truth of life
and the mark of its gift
This inner voice sings
So cruelly poisoned by time
Time devours all things
Left waiting for those first rays to come
I stand beyond grace with eyes drifting
  Tnto that yawning dark , without fear
Track Name: Come Serene Dark (Remastered)
Come Serene Dark
And That bell of depression chimes again searching the unanswered chord of silence,
the esoteric winds of I, unchanging calamity, I thought I could reach those heights unscathed,
betrayed by dream, I have ignited myself with my own will, unable to tame its blaze,
Further fallen into this pit of woe, Swallowing shards of glass, each resonating defeat,
this constant rhythm of failure has bled me dry. Apathetic, with each breath I stab at the light,
all exits lead Somber, Into that abyss ,cold, There is no hope for those born of nyx
betwixt pain and truth, All purpose a lie, Come forth finality, I'm branded by the grave
There is no hope for those born of Nyx, Thanatos beckons, I am not of those born of light ,
Unfathomable fire, A dirge foreshadowing, The last shard of self is lost, And time heals nothing
in addiction concealed this madness, Of noose wrapped around my throat , come now soothing pyre
There is no hope for those born of nyx, betwixt pain and truth, All purpose a lie
Come forth finality, I'm branded by the grave, There is no hope for those born of Nyx
Thanatos beckons, And That bell of depression chimes again, I will not wake from this trance
Come serene dark, Time heals nothing
Come serene dark, At peace with nothing
Come serene dark, I dream of nothing
Come serene dark, I feel nothing
Track Name: Fragments in Flame (Remastered)
Fragments in Flame
from “Paradise Lost” by: John Milton (1667)
“Awake, arise, or be forever fallen.”
“I sung of chaos and eternal night taught by the heavenly
muse to venture down the dark descent and up to reascend”
“Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.”
“All is not lost, the unconquerable will,
and study of revenge, immortal hate,
and the courage never to submit or yield.”
“Oh sun to tell thee how I hate thy beams
that bring to my remembrance of which state I fell”
"... Farewell, happy fields, Where joy for ever dwells! Hail, horrors! hail,
Infernal world! and thou, profoundest Hell, Receive thy new possessor 
“Which way shall I fly Infinite wrath and infinite despair?
Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep, Still threat'ning to devour me, opens wide,
To which the hell I suffer seems a heaven.” “A mind not to be changed by place or time.
The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.
What matter where, if I be still the same, And what I should be, all but less than he
Whom thunder hath made greater?" “This horror will grow mild this darkness light”

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